A Little About Me


I've always had pets in my life.  I can't imagine my life without them.  

Dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pig, fish, turtle , bird.  I've had them all!

I'm known as a crazy cat lady!  Why?  I think because I volunteer at RAPS cat sanctuary in Richmond, B.C. where about 400 cats live out their lives with love and happiness.  And I love cats!


Of course I love dogs too.  I always had a cat and a dog growing up.

Sighthounds are my fav!  Specifically Greyhounds.  I hope to rescue one one day. 

I share my life right now with a crazy female orange tabby, Gracie (female orange tabbies are rare, they are usually males), also a beautiful tortie girl, Misty.  And Fabulous Freddie, the guinea pig! 

(oh, and my husband)

Photography's been part of my life for over 20 years.

 I'm the happiest with a camera in my hand and furry friend in front of my lens.

This is the reason I specialize in pet photography.


Furry Friends Pet Photography also believes in the adopt don't shop philosophy.  I love to give back by photographing shelter animals in hopes that those photos will resonate with someone and help get those animals adopted. 

I feel really lucky that I have this gift to give and

I would love to capture classic,  fun and vibrant images of your fur baby that you will proud to display on your wall.

I look forward to making new Furry Friends!


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